In his 20+ years of working at some of the largest and most important banking and financial institutions on the global scene, Antonio Polverino has persistently dedicated himself to the structuring and management of complex financial instruments and to deleveraging activities, particularly carried out for Merrill Lynch International and Royal Bank of Scotland between 2005 and 2012.

Professional Path

Antonio Polverino graduates in Business Administration with a specialization in finance at the Luigi Bocconi University of Milan. In 1995, he joins Banca Commerciale Italiana in Milan where he takes the role of a financial analyst. He soon moves to London, the capital of world finance, where he began to deal with the structuring of complex financial instruments.

He began his professional career by joining Merrill Lynch International in 1996, where, for three years, he honed his skills in structuring and evaluating financial derivatives. This is an area in which Antonio becomes a reference figure in, and it gradually grew thanks to his subsequent employment with JPMorgan Chase from 1999 until 2005, where he becomes a Managing Director and starts handling very broad tasks within the Fixed Income sector for the EMEA area (Europe, Middle East and Africa), all before turning 30.

2005 is also the year in which he returns to Merrill Lynch International as a Managing Director. There he covers various roles of responsibilities, ranging from structuring, evaluating, and promoting complex financial products for the EMEA area, up to the deleveraging of credit and NPL positions. 

In 2009 Antonio’s first turning point in his career takes place. He joins the investment banking division of RBS (The Royal Bank of Scotland), a bank controlled by the British government, where he plays a decisive role in the financial deleveraging process. This was decisive for the financial sustainability of the bank, following the sub-prime crisis of 2007 -2008.

2013 saw Antonio’s second turning point in his career. He capitalises on his previous experience and begins his career as an independent investment manager. It was the year where he first founds APartners Capital, a London-based company specializing in investment advice for private equity and financial institutions on NPL portfolios and real estate assets, which was approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in March 2014.

He broadens his business project’s vision in 2016 when he founds APartners Capital Investment Management, an AIFM licensed company (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) active in the closed-end alternative investment funds management, dedicated exclusively to professional investors.
Antonio Polverino - Percorso professionale


During his professional life, Antonio Polverino began holding positions as a financial analyst. He then specialized in the structuring and evaluation of derivative instruments with roles of increasing responsibility. His career in this area began at Merrill Lynch International, where he grew rapidly within the company, eventually becoming Assistant Vice President in two years, and consecrating his professional growth with the switch to JPMorgan Chase, where in a few years he was promoted as a Managing Director.

Upon his return to Merrill Lynch in 2005, taking on the role as a Managing Director, he leverages his skills and personal characteristics in a managerial capacity. These aspects allowed him to make a decisive contribution to the stability of the banking and financial realities in which he worked during the great financial crisis of 2007-2008.

In 2009 the RBS experiences cements Antonio as one of the leading experts in deleveraging, on a global scale. This was an experience enriched with fundamental importance for his future as an Investment Manager.

The last professional step was the launch of APartners Capital active in investment advisory, followed by its evolution APartners Capital Investment Management, an authorised and regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager, of which he is the Founder and Chairman of the Investment Committee.

Private Life

Born in May 1972 in Naples, Italy, Antonio Polverino was raised by a humble family that taught him from young the meaning of hard work, honesty, and respect. He carried these teachings with him in his personal and professional life, building his career since his university education and developing the mindset to always improve and never backing down when faced with difficulties and responsibilities. As a good Neapolitan, he has cultivated a passion for football since he was a child. Football for him was like a school of life that taught him the importance of discipline, strategy, and teamwork. His work is his passion, while his wife (Marina) and children (Lucia and Francesco) are his core priority.
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