Antonio Polverino is a Senior Investment Manager active in the Alternative Investments sector in multiple asset classes, with a history of solid results achieved during his professional career.

Due to his proven skills, he can offer investment projects to institutional investors, individuals, and family offices, with a strong ability to generate long-term value. Investments are managed through funds specialised in different asset classes: from real estate to renewable energy, impaired loans to distressed assets, and fixed income to debt instruments.

Private Equity and Alternative Investment Funds

Alternative Investment Funds represent a new investment method. They are aimed at professional and qualified operators (private and institutional) who are looking for investment opportunities not present on regulated markets, but only accessible through highly specialized professionals, who identify transactions in companies capable of freeing up a strong growth potential. This is operated through the careful and conscious management of complexity (so-called Special Situation Investments, or simply Special Sits). Due to their characteristics such as risk, duration and the specificity of the instruments used and the operations financed, the Special Sits represent a market where the fiduciary aspect is decisive. This is determined by the reputation and reliability of the Investment Manager who manages the alternative fund.

These are investments that may have higher returns than those normally obtainable in markets open to the public, precisely because they are subject to above-average risks. Therefore, the investment operations carried out by alternative funds require hyper-specialized valuation, planning and intervention skills.

Alternative Investment Funds for Sustainability

Alternative Investment Funds greatly expand the scope of growth opportunities in the economic environment, as they are an alternative channel for distributing capital into SMEs and projects that create value. It is a win-win mechanism because it offers both growth opportunities for the companies and initiatives in which it invests and returns opportunities for investors. The usefulness of these tools is also significant when skills and capital are aimed at recovering critical situations, which would otherwise be difficult to remedy.

In defining their investment strategy, there is an increasing amount of Alternative Investment Funds that are taking into consideration the issue of sustainability, as evidenced by the increase in capital invested in ESG assets, which grew by 19.7% between 2015 and 2020 with masses exceeding 250 billion euros at the end of 2020. The forecasts for 2025 see ESG assets reach 40% of infrastructures and about 1/3 in real estate. Figures that would lead the European market to count over 30% of ESG assets globally (Source PWC). Real estate, infrastructure and renewable energy are particularly interesting segments from an ESG perspective. 

When considering the big issue of the energy transition, alternative investments can contribute in many ways, such as by financing companies working in the fields of energy efficiency, water management, alternative energy and digital applications for the best use of natural resources.  

investimenti alternativi per la sostenibilita

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